"Finishing A Room"


Here is a good example of an image taken from a clients project, that best shows how interior spaces can be finished. By using the term 'finished', it means just not dropping pieces of furniture into a space and saying, 'that's that'. Interior spaces need to be personalised, creating character and warmth to a room. We hear the word 'layering' used so often these days, it used to describe the design skill of using art, furniture and objects, to not only furnish and finish a room, but to create a depth to the space, as well as creating visual lines of interest with in that space. This not only creates a room that is warm and inviting to be in, but one that creates continual interest within that space, delighting not only the owner of the home, but anyone who sits and pauses for any length of time within the room itself.

Here in the image, is a console in a hallway passage near a staircase. The console itself, is elevated by the use of marble obelisks, these same very obelisks then frame the bronze sculpture in the centre of the console. The painting behind creates the perfect backdrop to both furniture and objects, and draws in the eye from many different angles in the room. This layered combination, is harmonious in the space, yet can stand alone, as a strong ensemble of beautiful things collected together to contribute to the overall successful ambience of the room.