Compact Inner City Living & Style

How many times has one enjoyed watching the Foxtel program 'Tiny House Nation', which looks at the world wide movement of people down sizing to live in smaller spaces. This is sometimes a great sacrifice for many people, to make the conscious decision on many levels,  to move from large scale homes to something a fraction of the space they were used to. Its enjoyable to see the final outcome, from the use of innovative design ideas to create stylish smaller homes. It proves a point that downsizing does not mean good taste of personal style go out the window at the same time.

At T&A we have never seen the point in so many large upscale homes being constructed that have nothing in them. Empty, lifeless homes on a grand scale. It just makes no sense, which ever way you look at.  

Which brings us to this recently completed project, maybe not a 'Tiny House', like the Foxtel programme, but its only a 100 square meters, and through good design, a lot has been achieved to create a comfortable smaller living space. 100 square meters is not a lot of space, compared to Mac Mansions in the suburbs, but what's been created is a home with three comfortable bedrooms, two bathrooms and an open plan Living Room/Dining Room with Kitchen, that opens to a private courtyard. Its compact, yet comfortable, its has storage space, is open and light, perfect living in the inner city today. Its a great alternative to high density apartment living.

After construction of the interiors were finished, the selection of soft furnishings and colour pallet, was undertaken with the aim of creating an eclectic mix of furnishings with the priority being on comfort. The end result is a mix of the modern, with touches of the classic, to create timeless interiors that are warm and inviting.  

A perfect peaceful retreat, yet situated right in the heart of a busy modern metropolis.