'Summer's on Its Way, Make The Most of the Outdoors'.

With Spring well and truly here, we begin to use the outdoors areas of our homes, more and more. The outdoors have become and extension of the interiors of a home, whether used for entertaining or just a quiet space to escape to. With this ever growing style of living, designing outdoor spaces to be stylish and comfortable has become more and more important to home owners. Design projects are now divided into two components, interior and the exterior spaces of a home, with each given just as much attention.

The above image is one such project where the outdoor spaces were given extensive thought, to come up with a liveable and workable environment. The home is positioned on Moreton Bay with extensive views over the water from the front of the house. A large outdoor area from the front of the home allows for social gatherings to take place with ease, and to take in the views. The one downside being that high winds of the water can make the area at times not workable. So the back of the home, was to have its own secluded, sheltered courtyard, quiet, private and rejuvenating.

Mirrors were designed and placed above the sunken pond, to create the feeling of greater space. Furniture is made to endure the environmental factors, and white was selected as the colour finish, so as to be always light and crisp in the hot Summer months. All fabrics are made for the outdoors, as well as the rug, no need to worry about UV and moisture damaging anything. Colours are subtle in upholstery fabrics and bold in cushion colours.

The space is perfect for the family who live here. It can be a quiet retreat, or used as an extension from the dining area of the home, when more space is required for entertaining. Nothing is nicer than on a quiet day, to listen to the trickle of water and relax in a space that is designed in a stylish, yet practical, used and enjoyed by all who live here.