Make a Statment in an Entry of a Home.

'First Impressions are always important', or so the saying goes. This is also important for a home. The entry is the gateway to the soul of a home, and an introduction to who lives here. The example above is what can be achieved, when, there is a blank canvas to work with.

The space was contemporary, white, no architectural detail, but had the potential for something much more than what was there. With little architectural detail to work with, colour is the best medium to create detail within the space. The walls were kept neutral, but the ceiling was transformed by painting it a rich chocolate brown. The honed limestone floor already existed and the new ceiling colour accentuated the floor in a way the clients could never have imagined.

With the foundation of the space, transformed, furniture, art and a hall rug were selected to finished the space. The hall rug, is Tibetan, hand woven in silk and wool, with a contemporary geometric design,  in a pallet of grey, taupe and silver. Gilded iron benches gives symmetry either side of the large Antique Gilded French mirror, as well as the modern wall sconces, imported especially from the USA.  A wonderful eclectic mix of styles, that creates an international feel to the space, it can't be defined in terms of style or definition, just a harmonious, balanced mix of good taste and style. The placement of Asian artefacts and contemporary framed  Asian Art finishes the space.

Once a bland nothing entrance, has been transformed by a simple well thought out design approach, that's created a stylish entry, the entrée to the home, for both victors and those who live here.