Outdooor Spaces can become Outdoor Rooms


Outdoor Spaces are so often neglected, they're treated as something that's beyond the back door, away from the home, something used rarely, and misinterpreted in a way that makes many people confused on how to best use these spaces.

But what they can be are wonderful extensions of the interior spaces of a home, taking full advantage, all year round, for alfresco living.

Outdoor spaces become like any other room, designed and finished to the clients needs and lifestyle.

Although always slightly more relaxed in feel than perhaps an interior space of a home, outdoor spaces can still be furnished and accessorised to create comfortable areas for quiet time, or for entertaining.

This particular clients outdoor room shown here, is perfect all year round, cool in summer overlooking the pool, and warm and intimate in winter, enhanced by the outdoor fireplace. The outdoor furniture and fabrics are designed for all weather conditions, taking away the worry of damage due to the outdoor environment.

Our homes have evolved over time to become multifunctional in so very many ways.                Often once neglected outdoor areas have now become as important as the interior spaces within a home, giving those who live there an added option for lifestyle living.