A Bathroom Desined for a Clients Inner City Town House in Melbourne.

The use of stone in any project is exciting, as the natural product created by nature has so many beautiful variations in colour and natural design formation. Its always very humbling to stop and think that an architectural medium you are using took millions of years to create, and that Mother Nature has done her miracle so perfectly for us to use, to create striking designs for homes that we live in today. 

This Bathroom seen below, was created for a Melbourne client, using one of the most striking marbles we have ever seen. The name given to this marble is 'Bamboo', because the dark grain in the stone has a silhouette that resembles the outline of bamboo stalks. These silhouettes are set into an amazing organic green background colour, that has to be seen to fully appreciate it. 

Large polished slabs were used for walls and highlighted by the use of marble floor tiles in a very dark almost green black, which also continues in slab form around the cabinet work.

The design is simple, clean in form, uncluttered and dateless, but by using these striking marbles, the design has been elevated to something far my sophisticated, than if a neutral coloured stone had been used. 

It always exciting to use something which has a unique quality to it, to create something special, and this Bathroom is an excellent example of what can be achieved in understated elegant bathroom design, by the choice of finishes that make it unique and beautiful at the same time.