An Ensuite Bathroom in an Inner City Brisbane Colonial Home.

Colonial Homes in Brisbane, as well as the later period 'Queenslander Style' Homes are being transformed rapidly throughout the city. With a move to be closer to the heart of the city and all the benefits that brings with it, its understandable that period homes are bought and then undergo extensive renovations to create a home for 21st Century living. But sometimes I'm not quite sure about the end result.  There seems so much insensitive architectural  transformations taking place, an in doing so, we are losing the only indigenous style of architecture that this country has.

Can one renovate and not destroy history? The answer is, of course one can. Heritage style homes need to be approached with a sympathetic understanding of what needs to be done, but also keeping in mind the desires of how people choose to live in a modern world today.

So when designing this Ensuite Bathroom for a Colonial Home in Brisbane's inner city, all of the above were taken into consideration. Our philosophy is to design rooms that never fit into a time slot.  An interior fashion trend, copied straight from the pages of glossy interior magazines from a certain year, a long time ago. Designing this bathroom was about blending harmoniously with the original home, but creating a space that was light and fresh, not a recreation of the past in any shape or form. Choosing a neutral pallet of black and white stone, using white subway wall tiles, teamed with quality sanitary ware and bathroom fittings, has created the perfect blend of old and new.

 This projects outcome was perfect in everyway, but most of all, its respectful to the heritage architecture that it sits within, and can only be described as a thoroughly contemporary interpretation of what a Ensuite Bathroom can be in a Colonial Home of today.