Legal Chambers Inner City Brisbane


Commercial design takes into consideration many elements, just like residential projects, but way too often the 'aesthetic' element of the project is over looked for whatever reason. Result? A fit out of an interior space, that perhaps works in terms of layout and function, but that's about it. Bland, lifeless interiors, that hardly create the best work environment or work productivity. There is no reason why commercial design projects cant have good functional design, as well as the finished project displaying all the elements that has achieved the best visual outcome as well.

We were approached by a firm of Barristers who were relocating to a floor in an inner city high rise building, close to the courts. Their design brief was for a space that functioned well, as well as a finished project, that was stylish and professional, a contemporary edge on the concept ofbarristers rooms of old.   


The end result achieved this, through the excellent floor plan, and the choice of finishes in the architectural and decorative. The result is one that is the perfect blend of the 'old & the new'. A space that reflects decisively on first glance, that this is an office of Barristers of law.  Yet is not a recreation of a stereotype vision of the past, its a space that is in everyway modern and reflects the way of doing business in the 21st centaury.