Interesting Kitchens have become such a vocal point within a home, once it was a space for domestic duties, functional, utilitarian in design and fit out. Today kitchens have been elevated to something of a status symbol. Still functional, yes, but they have evolved far from the basics of a kitchen dating from anytime during the 20th Century. The reason being is kitchens are no longer rooms away from the main dining and living spaces of a home. Open plan design of a home today, and the greater use of outdoor spaces being connected to interior spaces, has brought the focal point back to the kitchen. In doing so, the kitchen has evolved into a 'design icon', the heart of the home and shown off as a thing of stunning design and functionality. The finishes of a kitchen today reflect this, with the use of exotic stone, and detail elements of cabinet work, eye catching lighting, and the use of high quality European appliances, that take pride of place within the space.

Kitchens are a place to gather, not only before a meal, but during the preparation of meals, a place to linger and talk, a communal space within the home for family and friends to connect and share.  

I recall a saying that went something like - 'The Kitchen is the heart of the home', today that is most certainly the case and most likely to become even more so in the future.