How We Use Our Outdoor Spaces For Entertaining.


Outdoor spaces were once used for entertaining in very limited ways. A place to sit, away from the interior space of a home and not much else. Today we are looking at unlimited design possibilities in terms of what is possible to create state of the art outdoor entertaining spaces. The image here from a recent project, and is a good example of taking a space that had spectacular views of Brisbane city, and creating a complete outdoor entertaining area. The space underwent an extensive rebuilt first to deal with water issues. Then after some consultation with the clients, we suggested creating a space not just for outdoor dining, but where total food preparation can take place, creating ease in entertaining or day to day home dining. Running water, refrigeration, commercial exhaust extraction and top of the rage BBQ, teamed with stylish finishes has created the perfect outdoor space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. It has surpassed the clients expectations ten fold, and it is rewarding to have clients that trust your design concept from the start. The only thing is, its the one time it would have been good to have a before shot of the space, because then one can really appreciate the total transformation that has occurred.