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Get to know Christopher Thomas of 'Thomas & Alexander Interiors'.

Christopher Thomas of Thomas & Alexander Interiors is known for his passion and dedication in creating timeless, understated luxury. 



Christopher Thomas speaks to WILLIAMS MEDIA about creating comfortable spaces for clients, flexibility in design, and not having an identifiable style.

What do you enjoy most about your profession?

The end result of course!

The sheer delight expressed by a client when they finally either move into their new home which we have been collaborating on, or when something is completed in their existing home.

When the final touches are put in place and the client feels comfortable, happy, and connected with the style, vision, and design of these spaces.

No matter how nice a room may be, unless it feels comfortable and fits with the personality of the client it is not a true success in my opinion.

Secondly, the incredible connection and sincere and deep relationships formed over a 30 year career.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have made so many friendships, some of whom I have known since my early years in design and have seen their children grow into young adults!

I find that designing for people with whom one doesn’t connect and feel a strong desire to work with closely (as it is for me a close collaboration with the client that makes for a genuinely great outcome) is very difficult. 

In a professional capacity it is important to challenge clients to go further than their comfort level, in order to achieve greatness and for them to feel inspired by their environment.

If you feel connected and comfortable with each other, and trust being imperative, then the focus on achieving something great together makes for a lot of fun and pleasure, and longevity in the relationship!

36 Riverton Street, Clayfield for sale by Drew Davies and Rhys Cockram of McGrath, with home interiors designed by Christopher Thomas of Thomas & Alexander, as seen on Luxury List

With the current focus on sustainability what trends do you see emerging in design? 

This is such an interesting question and one area of design that should take precedence over any other aspect.

I have seen many trends come and go over my 30 year career and I have lamented most!

I have incorporated many of these influences in my designs for years, but in a way of creating interiors which are so personalized with such exceptional quality that they endure and sustain, and look amazing 20 years on!

I see a trend of using furniture, fabric, wallpaper and rugs manufactured by companies whose designs and quality have the least impact on the environment, and are imported from countries with strict environmental policies, and strict labor laws with no exploitation of people. 

I have used antique furniture instead of reproductions as they are the ultimate in recycling! 

And that goes for quality vintage of the 50’s and 60’s, that to me is true sustainability.

Trends are so transient and wasteful!

They are here for a period and are out of fashion so quickly leaving a home looking dated and in need of refurbishment ever so quickly.

Interiors which have influences and draw inspiration from the client and the architecture can have minor changes made to update them and therefore are the most sustainable.

Our planet has given us many gifts, like timber and stone and other many wonderful products which I think must be used with extreme consideration, so they can be significant 30 or even more years on!

We see many heritage houses and public buildings worldwide which have served us well for centuries, and we must draw inspiration from these and use products than can endure the test of time with wear and tear, as well as visual sustainability.

It can be so easy to buy some contemporary pieces or art to add to a room or house.

Even to re paint or just add wallpaper to update a home.

These are what I believe will become the most adopted sustainable trends. 

To value and consider the environment, the cost to the client, and to choose mediums which look and wear with minimal impact for generations!

An example is the client who buys products like Hermes, Dior, Chanel, Givenchy and so on.

These can be often be worn for decades and added to in small ways to keep them current, and if ever needed to be moved on they can easily be resold in quality vintage stores.

This can easily be applied and has been for many decades by designers like myself and many in other states and countries.

Design that excels rarely displeases!



With 30 years of experience, what trend in your opinion, has stood the test of time, and remains permanently popular?

The trend that is no trend!

The interior which personifies luxury, quality, and personal tastes of clients rather than chasing fads which should be avoided at all costs, especially by clients seeking top end luxury and quality that is cost effective in the long run.

Interiors that can evolve over time and become subtle and just sheer wonderful as they are put together slowly and have a rather beautiful and personal style of the homeowner!

Like a collection of quality art or wonderful jewels, these can rarely be bought in one afternoon or week.

Interiors that are well thought out and added to over time are best!

What would be your advice to a new client?

Find an interior designer whose design ethos you admire and respect, and whom you know you can trust and work with.

Then allow yourself to be guided and challenged to go beyond your expectations, and step aside and allow the process to unfold.

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What is the most interesting brief you’ve been given by a client?

Too many to mention!

I have had the privilege to work on so many truly exciting projects over 30 years within Australia and internationally.

I have truly been very fortunate to have had many great clients, who have worked closely with me to create some amazing homes.

The quality and detail of my work doesn’t change depending on the job or client, it is consistent and there are no variables other than taking into account the taste of the client.

This makes for all jobs to be professionally satisfying.

There are so many projects I have worked on which spring to mind that I would love to share and talk about, but as so many of my clients are reserved and quiet achievers who value
their privacy, it is very difficult often to share images or even really discuss the full extent of these briefs.

But let me assure you there are three decades of gratifying and inspirational design projects I am grateful for, and seriously excited to have been involved with.


What advice would you give a young designer?

Never compromise quality, and work overseas if you can to learn what quality and luxury really are!

Quality and luxury are the most over used adjectives in interior design.

Where do you live now, and where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

I live in a classic colonial house in Paddington and have lived here for 20 years now!

I adore everything about my house and garden and plan to remain here for many years to come.

I love so many different countries as each can offer something unique in their architecture, culture and cuisine.

Greece, Italy and France would have to be my pick!

I was born in Europe and these countries hold the most appeal to me.

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