Home Theaters

Home Theatres have become ever more popular over time, and are one of the must have items for  residential design projects these days. In many cases this dedicated room for a Home Theatre, is little if no different to any other room in the house, except for the audio visual equipment that resides there.

When T&A were asked to design an existing Home Theatre, the brief was to create a room that was perfect for home entertainment, but also one that was atmospheric, similar to what one would find on a visit to a large scale cinema.  

The walls that were once neutral were painted jet black, this makes the screen the main focus within the room, as well as creating a dramatic effect.  The ceiling was papered in a wallpaper with a matt black background and an overlay of gold stars. Though it was not the intention, the clients describe the ceiling as coming to life like a night sky, when the theatre is being used, the stars shimmer in the light of the projector.

The end result is a perfect space for entertainment for the whole family that can be used at anytime of the day or night.