Timeless Contemporary


This recently completed Main Bathroom, was part of a complete refit of an apartment building that was built in the 1970's. Solidly built, with spectacular views and a near perfect location, it was asking for a complete rebirth, to begins its new chapter into the 21st century. As stated, the bones of the apartment were great, but very dated, and needed to be opened up as a space, to be suitable for modern living. The great thing about gutting a space like this, is that you then start with a new canvas, which allows a design process to begin from the ground up.

The image of the Main Bathroom above, was part of the renovation of the apartment. These are the times, one had wished they'd taken a before shot, to illustrate what had exactly taken place. But the transformation can be described as a complete rebuild of the space, from a bathroom that was a great example of 70's chic, and although it brought a smile to ones face, to see something quaintly preserved for so long.  Recreating retro style from that period, was not the project intended by the clients or ourselves.

The end result is a clean lined modern bathroom designed to reflect a 'Timeless Contemporary', style that never dates and is functional for the family who now live here. The marble basket weave floor tiles are striking feature in the space, but they do not dominate either, when teamed with understated white glazed subway tiles, and elegant well proportioned cabinet work.  Its a bathroom that impresses when one enters the space, but in a quiet understated way, as the well, the chosen design elements of the space comes together in perfect harmony.

The 70's came and went, in a design sense much is better left as a memory. This bathroom will in many years be a desirable as the day it was created. Understated elegance never goes out of style, this bathroom is all of that and more.