''Open Plan, Open Space".

The evolution of how we live in our homes and the interior layouts in the last 100 years is interesting. You can see the ever changing 'spaces', within our homes, from clusters of rooms that served a specific function, to less, so called defined 'living/dining rooms', and an open plan approach that we now see today.

The project here, is a good example of not only 'open plan' living, but interior spaces that open out completely to exterior covered spaces, allowing a continuum of flow throughout the areas of the home, where people gather for social interaction and quiet down time.  

Where once our grandparents would have been horrified at the thought of a rear wall of a home, disappearing completely, this is now seen as a prized architectural feature of domestic design.  When we worked on this design feature, it was to create maximum opening space to the outside areas, which has created not only the sense of greater space, both inside and out, but allows the dramatic effect of joining the two spaces harmoniously. Separate areas are created for dining, sitting and enjoying the extensive city views, both inside and outside the home.

The kitchen is the heart of the space, not just for meal preparation, but a point in the home, where people can gather in conversation and socialise, its become a focal point in the space, the joining factor of the exterior and interior spaces.

The living areas of this home, are open, filled with natural light, natural airflow and most of all, are a reflection of 'how we want to live', in the inner city urban hubs of our cities in the 21st century. These were the considerations we took into account when we stated work on this project, and the end result, combined with elegant furniture, soft furnishings and lighting, has created the ideal home for today.